About Us

Whointhe Sam Hill?!

I'm Sam Hill, owner and operator, I started out behind the wheel delivering pizzas when I was 16 at KC's Pizza on George Ave in '86. Now I'm behind the peel, baking down the same street over 30 years later...

Whatinthe Sam Hill's Party Room

Some people are still totally unaware of it, but we have room on the other side available for parties and meetings of any kind at no charge. It seats about 30 people and the hours aren't confined to operational hours. Just call ahead to confirm availability.

Whyinthe Sam Hill?!

I like tossing dough by hand. And I hate sauce pumps, rolling pins, dough sheeters, conveyer belt ovens, and air decks. I just want pizza the way it should be: round, tossed by hand; a ladle of sauce, cheese on top, and slid off of a peel onto the brick of the oven.

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